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This department began as the Seventh Office of Public Construction Bureau under Taiwan Senior Executive Bureau of Mining.

◆ In January of 1947, the office was converted to establish the Eastern Taiwan Levy Construction Office under the Taiwan Senior Executive Bureau of Mining. Mainly Responsible for levy projects design and construction. 

◆ In May 16th of 1947, the Senior Executive Bureau was converted to Taiwan Provincial Government, this office remained under the Public Department of Mining. 

◆ In October of 1947 The office was transfer to Water Conservation Bureauunder the Department of Construction. And the name was refitted to Taidong Construction office, handling levy registration and agricultural water management planning, design, and supervision. 

◆ In January of 1957 , the name was changed to the Eighth Construction Office of the Water Conservation Bureau, Taiwan Province. 

◆ In May 13th of 1997 The Water Bureau was promoted then changed to the Eighth Reviver Conservation Bureau of Taiwan Provincial Rive Conservation Department. 

◆ In July first of 1999 The Bureau was transfer to the Eighth River Conservation Office of the Economics Department due to the minimization of provincial engagement. 

◆ In March 28th of 2002 the Water Conservation Office was promoted and refitted to the Eighth River Office of the Water Conservation Office under the Department of Economics.