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The major affairs of jurisdiction:

To govern and maintain Beinan Brook---central-government-administered rivers within the area of  Taidoung County.
‧To prevent and repair the coastal erosion in Taitung County.
‧To assist local government in the water conservation affairs.

Director:in charge of all affairs.

1.Deputy director:  

assisting the director in managing affairs.

2.General secretary: 

assisting the director to handle the administration, the association of every section and the secretary section’s affairs. 

3.Planning section: 

plot , evaluate and plan water resource projects, perform water resources engineering design and hydrological monitoring and research. 

4.Construction section: 

process construction related works, tender bids, contracts, inspectionand acceptance, progress evaluation, final accounting,assess payment for disaster treatment, and apparatus procurement. 

5.Management section:  

in charge of rivers, drainage, riverbanks and coastal dikes management, land acquisition and protection of legal affairs. 

6.Material section:  

provide the equipments, transportation and security.

7. Secretary section: 

in charge of appraisals, records, official seals, teller, general affairs, public relations, national compensation, civilians affairs, and miscellaneous not covered by other sections. 

8.Accounting office: 

in charge of bookkeeping, accounting and statistics. 

9.Personnel office: 

in charge of human resource. 

10.Ethic office:  

in charge of ethic affairs.