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Prevention and repair of the coastal erosion 
 Base on the “Taiwan levy reconstruction plan”, Starting 1981, this bureau has initiated a serious of management projects according to the intensity of the problem. By now, 4,414 meters of levy construction, and 15,398 meters of costal protection project (wave absorption) has been completed. 
Major Irrigation Projects

Project Name Length(m) Covered 

Project Name Length(m) Covered Area(ha) Completion
Luye Main Channel 24,481 760 1957
Chungbin Main Channel 14,420 510 1973
Peinan Upper Channel 36,140 2,476 1986


Local Drainage System Improvement

1.Semachen Drainage System 1,776 meters
2.Beinan Upper Channel 1st Drainage 1,322 meters
3.Beinan Upper Channel 7th Drainage 1,322 meters
4.Bonnien Airport Drainage 5,832 meters
5.Tshung Base Drainage 2,653 meters
6.Xinyueng Drainage 3,073 meters
7.Luan Drainage 4,250 meters
8.Dongmin Drainage 4,959 meters
9.Xinshi Drainage 2,558 meters