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Water is a important natural resource and it cultivated all life forms, but as the old Chinese idiom goes “ water can carry the boat, also can sink the boat”therefore, to avoid drought and flood, we shell not only develop and maintain water resources, but also make serious flood preventions, planning and management.

The investment of water conservation construction have greatly improved living standard as well as social quality, thus, server as the fundamental element of economics. This Office is in charge of Beinan Brook which is the only central-governed-river in Taidong county, and also in charge of Taidong coastline (include Green Island and Lanyu) and coastal maintenances of Jinmen.

After years of efforts in levy construction, coast protection and maintenances, the damage of typhoon and flood have been reduced and minimized to the least it can be. Which manifested the effectiveness of the flood prevention projects.

The focuses have shift from hard constructions, such as levy, bedding, T-damping, wave absorption to soft functional settings such as plants, ground covers and other scene decorating measurements. Multi-purposes such as flood preventions, ecological cultivation, cultural and living quality have been fulfilled.

The four axis set by the government to enforce water conservation policy are conservation, management, accessibility and refreshment. Thus to achieve the goals of “prevention of flood and drought”“diversified river ecological environment”and“ long-term development of water conservation”.

The purpose of this brochure is to call our people to the attentions of the importance of water resources, of the maintenance of natural life forms as well as to the recognition of flood preventionachievements. Therefore, providing provide better living environment for citizens.

Water Conservation Office, Economic Department
Chief Executive of the Eight River Office